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Power Transformer

Extensive experience and success in manufacturing distribution transformers led to the establishment of power transformer division in 2005. Since its birth the division has produced transformers of ratings 31/40MVA, 20/26MVA, and 10/13MVA for ratings up to 132 KV. In order to provide its customers the best of technology and products of international competence, PEL has combined its technical expertise with GANZ, a renowned and experienced Hungarian transformer manufacturer.


PEL is also exporting Power Transformer to International customers for their special requirements and specifications. PEL power transformers are equipped with best transformer accessories like OLTC from MR (Germany), High Voltage Bushing from PASSONI & VILLA (Italy), Buchholz Relay from EMB (Germany), insulation material from WEIDMANN (Switzerland), silicon steel from THYSSEN (Germany), and cooling fans from SCHORMANN (Germany). Material of the windings is usually 99.99% pure electrolytic copper. Multiple conductors as well as CTC are used in winding. The magnetic cores are manufactured from cold rolled grain oriented (CRGO) steel sheets. A robust clamping structure, jointing technique and cutting and mitering of lamination ensure low or no load losses. The steel sheets in the core limbs and in the yokes are clamped together by glass-epoxy bands.

Tank is constructed with boiler steel plates welded together and a cover plate bolted on top. Strength is ensured by stiffeners. Earthing terminals are attached to both sides of tank. Measuring Instruments are installed on cover plate. Surface protection is done by the process of sand blasting and by applying weather resistant paint. Tap changers are in accordance with IEC standards. Usually motorized On-Load tap changers are provided for voltage regulation. Off- Load tap changers can be installed on request. The diverter switch is placed in hermetically sealed oil filled chamber in order to avoid contamination of oil in main tank