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Instrument Transformer


Pak Electron Limited (PEL) is proud of its position as a leading Current Transformer and Potential Transformer manufacturer in Pakistan since 1978. Instrument Transformer Section (ITR) was initially established to fulfill the requirement of Switch Gear Department within the factory. With the Increase in demand of ITRs, PEL also increased its capacity. As Part of our business DNA, we are very Customer oriented. With our custom designed Current Transformer and Potential Transformer, we have built the desirable reputation of providing durable, well designed, cost optimized and short lead time Instrument transformers and associated products. Our qualified and knowledgeable Engineering team always strives to find commercially best solution for each project. PEL has been manufacturing Instrument Transformers for WAPDA, K-Electric and private customers successfully for the past several years.

Product Range:

  • 01 High Voltage Current Transformers up to 15 kV & 3000 A
  • 02 Low Voltage Current Transformers up to 600 V & 6300 A
  • 03 Single Phase Potential Transformers up to 15 kV
  • 04 Double Pole Potential Transformers up to 15 kV
  • 05 Control Transformers
  • 06 Cast Resin Products
  • 07 Ring Type Bushing Current Transformers for Power Transformers

For custom design, we consider below mentioned Parameter and then submit an offer based on the information provided.

  • 01
    Ratio of Transformer
  • 02
    Burden or VA
  • 03
    Accuracy Class (0.2, 0.5, 1 etc.)
  • 04
    Protection Relay Used (Class 5P, 10P etc.)
  • 05

  • 06
    Installation Environment (Indoor / Outdoor)
  • 07
    Preferred Transformer Finish (Tape/Fish/Mylar, Resin Encapsulation, Oil Filled)
  • 08
    Insulation Level
  • 09
    Standard (IEC,WAPDA, KE)