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Distribution Transformer

PEL distribution transformers range includes oil immersed core type transformers, Dry type (VP impregnated) transformers and autotransformers. These transformers are tailor made for various ratings. IEC or national standards are followed. We offer distribution transformers voltage up to 33 kV and ratings up to 30 MVA. PEL offers transformer tanks with corrugated walls, detachable radiators and tubular arrangement. The corrugated tanks have a better cooling efficiency, since the fins are expandable. Tanks are hermetically sealed where possible. In order to meet sophisticated requirements of customers PEL has also started manufacturing transformers with foil winding. Foil winding efficiently uses space which results in size reduction. It has better heat dissipation and also increases potential to withstand short circuit current. PEL transformers are available for various applications:

  • 01 Distribution Transformers (Pole /Pad Mounted)
  • 02 Auto Transformers
  • 03 Furnace Transformers
  • 04 Welding Transformers
  • 05 Chokes for furnace Transformers
  • 06 Any other special requirement