All Refrigerators

Refrigerators are one of the most needed home appliances and have been evolved a lot. Whether you are buying it for the first time or replacing the older unit, you should consider the ideal aspects to select a unit which is best suited to the needs of your family, matches your performance expectations. Considering the new developments, innovations in the refrigerator technology and a wide range of size, type, colors and other features, PEL in order to create value for money has introduced new innovative and state of the art features in its Refrigerator series.

  • Desire Glass Door

  • Desire More

  • Desire Infinite

  • Arctic

  • Aspire

  • Arctic Built-in Stabilizer

All Air conditioner

PEL presents Cool life Split AC which is a technologically advanced model especially designed for Pakistani market. This masterpiece from PEL provides maximum cooling even at very high temperatures while minimizing electricity consumption.

  • Desire More (CGP)

  • Desire More (AGP)

  • Floor Standing Air Conditioner

PEL Silverline Ovens

PEL the trustful company name in home appliances all over the country, now introduced all new models of "PEL Silverline" Microwave Ovens.

  • Microwave Aspire

  • Microwave Oven 8020

Silverline Water Dispenser

Water dispensers are a welcome addition to PEL range of home appliances. Our Silverline and Life-Stream water dispensers make life a little easier and fridge space a bit more plentiful.

  • Silverline PLS 681 SL

  • LIFE Stream PLS 528S

  • LIFE Stream PLS 691

  • LIFE Stream PLS 801

PEL Deep Freezer

PEL has introduced its deep freezer which meets all the present and future demands of a perfect kitchen! So Stock & Save more with our Deep Freezer!

  • Arctic Deep Freezer